What is One Dream Foundation Team?

One Dream Foundation Team

Part of  G.O.T campaign, a community organizing project for One Dream Foundation


The organization's activities originally centered around priorities charity activism in favor of One Dream Foundation's early goals including the Building of an Ivy League University, Green/Solar Hospital and Research Center in Zambia, Africa. Plans to promote the value of giving to our communities. Another stated goal of G.O.T is alleviating perceived poverty apathy and increasing support for progress and development in Africa to compete in the 21st Century . In preparation for One Dream Foundation's goals, Give or Take campaign was turned into a tool for community organizing — funded in part by private, public, churches, individuals, nonprofits  — to mobilize support behind the One Dream Foundation's goals.


Give or Take (G.O.T) is composed of 5 continental global outreach communities, united by a single charitable umbrella – One Dream Foundation. The continents have a high level of autonomy when it comes to deciding how to execute tasks given by the headquarters office, but most major programs are ultimately delegated by the One Dream Foundation directors.  As a nonprofit, it can run support ads for an issue as long it is not involved in activity aimed at electing candidates for office.

Charitable activism

Give or Take will provide logistical support to local community groups, including holding conference calls with volunteers, sponsoring events and house parties, using social networking and New Media, and providing talking points.

Major campaigns

We are working on organizing to promote the value of giving to our communities. Empowering volunteers, sponsoring events and house parties, using social networking and News Media, and providing talking points.

One Dream Foundation aims to bring the voices of every person together with ONE message and ONE purpose: Focusing on health, poverty, education, social and access to technology for all is and has been a core fundamental of humanity for humanity by humanity no matter where they live. One Dream Foundation is asking for your voice to help or share giving to our community do our share to make poverty history.

Ways to Give to FC University and One Dream Foundation

FC Unversity and foundation is supported by public, individuals, churches, communities, corporations, private, government,  alumni, parents, and/or friends in many ways—through unrestricted annual giving; capital gifts in support of priorities such as student aid, faculty research, and facilities; reunion contributions; planned gifts and bequests; and grants and awards from corporations and foundations. However you choose to support FC University—and at whatever level—your generosity is both essential and truly appreciated. Every gift, time, talent or influence counts. Join G.O.T campaign by registering to get involved.


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